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Portable Presentation System
Coach 400: Wireless Portable PA System (Wired Mic or UHF)
Coach 400: Wireless Portable PA System (Wired Mic or UHF) Rear image of the Coach 400
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SQ-5016: Handheld Microphone Transmitter SM5016: 16ch UHF Beltpack Transmitter MC-76X: Slimline Headset Microphone MC-73X:
High Performance Headset Microphone
MC-70X: Aerobics Headset Microphone MC-15X:
Tieclip Microphone (Cardioid) MC-520X: Tieclip Microphone (Omni) MC75X:
Collar Microphone
      ST-30: Tripod Stand

The new Coach 400 is an ideal ‘personal’ portable PA system, designed to be worn over the shoulder for walking tour guides, demonstrations and coaching or mounted on the Chiayo ST-30 tripod for use in classrooms, lecture theatres, trade fairs, etc.
Supplied as standard with handheld wired microphone, the
Coach 400 can also be supplied with the SQ5016AT UHF handheld wireless microphone, or SM5016 beltpack & headset/tieclip microphone options.

This stylish, compact and lightweight little unit features an in-built
25W class D amplifier, 4” full-range loudspeaker, rechargeable battery and USB 2.0 MP3 player. Other features as standard include 2 alarm sounders for emergency broadcasting, Aux inputs & outputs and detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

High efficiency output power with built-in 25W class D power amplifier
Truly wireless! Battery operation eliminates all cables so you can
take it anywhere!
4” full range speaker system
USB 2.0 MP3 player with LCD display
16 Channel UHF microphone receiver
2 alarm sounds for emergency broadcasting
Lithium battery offers extended operation time and minimises
weight and size
3.5mm stereo Aux In/Out connectors
Can be worn over the shoulder or mounted on ST-30 tripod stand
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

  The Coach 400 used with SQ5016AT
 Model:    Coach 400
 Output Power:  25W (RMS)
 Speaker System:  4” full range
 THD:  <0.5%
 Audio Inputs:  Mic In / Aux In / USB2.0
 Audio Outputs:  Aux Out
 Power Supply:  230v 1.5A, 20v DC 2.5A
 Battery Type:  14.8v / 2.4AH (Lithium)
 Operating Life:  Music: 5 ~ 6 hours, Voice: 10 ~ 12 hours
 Charging Time:  4 hours (approx)
 Frequency Response:  50Hz ~ 20KHz ±3dB
 Dimensions:  156(W) x 156(H) x 205(D) mm
 Weight:  1.6kg