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Portable Presentation System
Smart 300: Smart 300 Mini Portable PA System (VHF)

Smart 300  Mini Portable PA System (VHF)

Rear image of the Smart 300
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The Smart 300 is the most compact and lightweight amplified
loudspeaker system of the Chiayo Portable PA Range (small enough
to fit in your hand!) and is ideal for basic presentation and voice
reinforcement applications.

Two systems are available, each featuring internal rechargeable batteries to allow use in almost any indoor and outdoor environment.
Each system also includes a surprisingly powerful 25W (RMS) internal amplifier and 4” full range loudspeaker, microphone and auxilliary inputs.

The Smart 300 features an internal VHF radio microphone receiver, for
use with a choice of Handheld Microphone/Transmitter or Beltpack
Transmitter & Tieclip Microphone.

In addition, the Smart features a USB 2.0 input slot which will play MP3 audio files over the system.

25W internal class D amplifier & 4” loudspeaker
Integral VHF wireless microphone receiver (wired mic only option also available)
USB 2.0 slot MP3 player
Wired microphone/auxiliary inputs, plus loudspeaker output
Level control per input
Internal rechargeable battery or mains operation

System Packages:
Smart System 1H: Smart 300 featuring VHF receiver and USB MP3 player, VHF handheld microphone and canvas carry case
Smart System 1BT: Smart 300 featuring VHF receiver and USB MP3 player, VHF
 Model:    Smart 300
 Power Output:  25W (RMS)
 Speaker System:  4” speaker
 Audio Output:  MIC IN, AUX IN
 Audio Out:  Ext Speaker Out
 Power Supply:  AC 230v / Internal Battery
 Rechargeable Battery Type:  12v / 2.7 AH
 Transmitter Battery:  PP3 9v
 Frequency Band (Fixed):  VHF 174.600MHz
 Sensitivity:  -90dBm at S/N ratio > 60dB
 S/N Ratio:  >105dB
 Peak Deviation:  ±15KHz
 T.H.D:  <0.5dB
 Frequency Response:  50Hz ~ 15KHz
 Dimensions:  244(H) x 140(W) x 143(D) mm
 Weight (with battery):  2.7kg