HLD7-UK - Modular Hearing Induction Loop Driver 7 - Small to Medium Room
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HLD7-UK - Modular Hearing Induction Loop Driver 7 - Small to Medium Room
HLD7-UK - Modular Hearing Induction Loop Driver 7 - Small to Medium Room
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Contacta - HLD7-UK

Modular Hearing Induction Loop Driver 7 - Small to Medium Room

Induction Loop Facility
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Product Description

The Contacta HLD7 modular hearing loop driver for perimeter or phased array communication.

This feature-full Induction Loop driver is ultra-reliable and the controls on the front panel makes this unit simple to install and configure. The efficient use of power has enabled the device to be compact.

Contacta's HLD7 is part of a new generation of drivers with it's new edge loop technology which enables ease in establishing a remote set-up, performance monitoring and control of levels.

Suitable for medium sized facilities such as places of worship, lecture halls, small theatres and meeting rooms.

*Please contact the CIE office on T01159770075 for information on related products and accessories.

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Specification Sheet

  • Built-in 90º phase shift
  • Flexible configuration
  • Ultra efficient power utilisation
  • Sleep mode
  • High frequency compensation
  • Accurate, lockable controls (front panel mounted)
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Input and drive level indication
  • Intelligent protection system
  • Flexible audio inputs
  • Interface to external communication devices
  • Digital Signal Processor
Description HLD7-UK
Inputs-Input 1 (microphone) Balanced XLR with switchable phantom power or ¼ '' TRS jack for electret microphone with 3.3VDC powered via 680Ω load
Input 2 (line) Balanced XLR or ¼'' TRS jack to ohmically isolated input
Loop Output-Loop connection 4-pole speakON connector
Loop drive current 6A RMS compliance current @ 1Khz sine wave
Loop drive voltage 15V RMS compliance voltage
Expansion-Contacta interconnect Input or output to or from additional Contacta systems. 90º phase shift selectable
Status-Volt-free relay contacts SPCO
Feature-External monitor & control Contacta communications processor interface
Audio-Frequency response 100Hz - 5kHz (±3dB)
Distortion Better than -40dB, inputs at nominal level
Automatic Gain Control-Digitally controlled Dynamic range: 40dB typical Attack time: 33 milliseconds Release time: 3.6dB per second
Controls-Microphone level/Line level Off, then to maximum in 50 1dB increments
Loop current Off, then to maximum in 63 1dB increments
High frequency compensation Flat to 6dB boost in 7 increments
Function switching All functions selectable from front panel buttons, held in non-volatile memory
Security Controls may be locked against tampering
Displays-Microphone level/Line level/Output drive level 8 level bar graph with peak hold, 6dB steps
Other indications LEDs for all setup and status indications
Dimensions 200mm(W) x 44.5mm(H) x 260mm(D)
Weight (Net) 2.50kg
Weight (Gross) 3.30kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member