FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
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FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
FPROK - Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit
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Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit

Induction Loop Facility
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Product Description

SigNET’s new FPROK Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit is designed to simplify the setup of an induction loop system and ensure its compliance with the latest version of BS EN 60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in audio-frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes).

The kit includes the FPRO Fosmeter Pro induction loop tester, an MP3 player c/w pre-loaded test tones and a set of headphones.

The Fosmeter Pro is a 400mA magnetic field strength meter and loop listener, complete with circuitry for measuring background noise, frequency response and metal compensation.

It includes:
• A digital LCD display with a user-friendly interface to simplify testing
• Two ‘soft’ buttons which dynamically change their functions to suit the menu options being accessed
• Battery low indication and an auto-power off function that kicks in after 10 minutes of Fosmeter inactivity
• A 3.5mm headphone jack socket allowing users to listen to the loop signal using a set of HEAD1 headphones (supplied in FPROK kit)

The unit is powered from a 9v PP3 battery (provided) and is supplied in a protective canvas carrying case.

One FPROK Kit (plus ancillaries such as MP3 player/amplifier connection leads) is all it takes to ensure your loop installations comply with current British Standards.

Test Menus:
The Fosmeter Pro’s test results are typically shown on its LCD as shown right. A summary of these tests appears below:
Field Strength Test: Detects a pulsed 1kHz signal in accordance with BS EN 60118-4, calibrated at 400mA/m = 0dB L.
• Background Noise Test: Advises if the signal is acceptable, tolerable or too high in accordance with BS EN 60118-4.
Frequency Response Test: Detects 100Hz, 1kHz and 5kHz in
accordance with BS EN 60118-4. All three frequency readings are
displayed on the same screen allowing you tell at a glance if the setup is within the +/- 3dB L required by the standard.
Metal Compensation Test: This test goes beyond the scope of
BS EN 60118-4 but adheres to the 3rd octave frequency spectrum
advised in the standard, measuring 1kHz through 8kHz. For use with amplifiers with metal compensation controls/functions such as the PDA200/2, 500/2 & 1000/2.
Subjective Listening Test: This test is designed to ensure hearing aid users receive an undistorted and clear signal in the covered area and is performed using a set of headphones (supplied) plugged into the unit’s headphone socket.

BS EN60118-4 (2006)

What are Induction Loops?
Induction loop systems help hearing-impaired individuals with a hearing aid or loop listener to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise. The induction loop is a cable that circles the listening area.

The loop is fed by current from a loop amplifier which takes its signal from a microphone placed in front of the person speaking or by means of a direct connection from another sound source, such as a sound system. The resulting electric current in the loop produces a magnetic field, which corresponds to the sound.

The hearing-impaired user can pick up this magnetic field within the area of the loop as long as their hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is switched to 'T'. The user can adjust the hearing aid for volume. More than one person can benefit from a loop installed in a room as long as they each have a hearing aid set to 'T', or a loop listener. One benefit of this set-up is the user is not wired to any other equipment and you are therefore free to listen from anywhere within the loop as well as able to move around.

Specification Sheet

  • FRPRO Fosmeter Pro induction loop tester
  • MP3 player complete with pre loaded test tones
  • Digital LCD display
  • 2 x soft buttons
  • Battery low indication and auto power off function
  • 3.5mm headphone jack socket
  • Powered from a 9V PP3 battery (supplied)
  • 9V PP3 Battery, protective canvas carrying case & headphones included
Description FPROK
Kit Contents FPRO Induction Loop Tester, MP3 player c/w test tones; HEAD1 Headphones, Canvas pouch
Field Strength Test Calibration: 400mA/m (0dB L)
- Measurement Scale: Less than -22 to Greater than +8dB L
- Frequency: 1 kHz detection
Frequency Response Test Calibration: 400 mA/m (0 dB L)
Measurement Scale Less than -22 to Greater than +8dB L
Frequency 100Hz/1kHz/5kHz detection
Background Noise Test Calibration: ±1dB L
- Measurement Scale: Less than -42 to Greater than +22dB L
- Frequency: A-weighted detection
Metal Compensation Test Frequency: 3rd octave band 1kHz to 8kHz
Power Internal battery: 1 x 9v PP3
- Battery life: 12 hours approx
- Quiescent current: 25mA
Outputs 3.5m headphone socket suitable for use with HEAD1 headphones (supplied with FPROK kit)
MP3 Player Connection Leads (Not Supplied) AL1: 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack lead - use with PDA102, PL1, ML1, VL1 amps or APJ outreach plate
- AL2: 3.5mm jack to double phono lead - use with DL50 or APL outreach plate
- AL3: 3.5mm jack to bare ended lead - use with PDA200E
- AL4: 6.35mm jack to XLRM lead (requires AL12 6.3mm to 3.5mm convertor) - use with PDA Pro Range amps or APQL outreach plate
Dimension 116(H) x 77(W) x 24(D) mm
Weight (Net) 1.00kg
Weight (Gross) 1.30kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member