PDA1000/2 - Free-standing Induction Loop Amplifier Covers 900sqm
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PDA1000/2 - Free-standing Induction Loop Amplifier Covers 900sqm
PDA1000/2 - Free-standing Induction Loop Amplifier Covers 900sqm
PDA1000/2 - Free-standing Induction Loop Amplifier Covers 900sqm
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SigNET - PDA1000/2

Free-standing Induction Loop Amplifier Covers 900sqm

Induction Loop Facility
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Product Description

The SigNET PDA1000/2 is a desktop professional Induction Loop Amplifier to support assistive hearing as part of an installed audio system.

The PDA1000/2 provides an area coverage of 900sq metres and so is ideal for room coverage in applications such as large classrooms, lecture halls, church halls and medium-sized churches, medium shop floors and boardrooms for example.

This professional Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (or 'AFILS') is designed to be integrated as part of a permanently installed audio system such as a public address, AV or background music system.

The PDA1000/2 includes one balanced microphone input and one switchable balanced mic or line level input, both of which will accept standard 3pin XLR connectors. Optional 11v phantom power is also available on both outputs to allow the use of electret or condenser microphones.

This induction loop amplifier also features a four-way 'Outreach' input offering full compatibility with Signet's unique Outreach Plate audio input extension system. This system allows the connection of up to 10 additional microphone or line level inputs via a range of specially designed single-gang connector plates.

Other features include three level controls (one for each input), a loop drive control, an output current meter and a 'compression' activity display giving visible indication of the amplifier's compressor.


Eastwood High School - Zoned PA and Induction Loop Systems

Specification Sheet


  • Ideal for theatres, cinemas, churches, conference halls and other applications where top quality sound is a must
  • Attractive free-standing design (optional wall and 19
  • Improved drive current capability provides up to 50% extra coverage
  • Two XLR 3 pin input sockets - one balanced mic. and one switchable balanced mic./line
  • Optional 11v phantom power available for electret or condenser microphones
  • Outreach' input allows the connection of up to 10 additional mic. or line level inputs via a series of separately available single gang connector plates
  • Adjustable level controls provided for all inputs - can be used individually or together as a three-input mixer
  • Adjustable drive control allows the loop current to be adjustable to suit a room's individual characteristics
  • Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems associated with excessive metal in a building
  • True output current meter
  • Visible indication of the amplifier's compressor action via two LEDs
  • 3.5mm headphone socket allows true monitoring of the output signal
Description PDA1000/2
Maximum Square Room Coverage 900m2
Maximum 2:1 Aspect Ratio Coverage 1100m2
Inputs 1kHz 2 x XLR (one Mic, one Mic/Line) and one Outreach connector
Indicators Loop drive meter, compression (high/low), power on
Controls 3 x input level controls, loop drive, metal compensation, on/off switch
Output Type Current mode
Loop Connector Four-way binding posts
Recommended Loop Impedance 0.5 ~ 1 Ohm @ 1kHz. Will drive higher impedance loops with reduced area of coverage
Peak Loop Drive Current (measured over 5ms integration time) 8 Amps @ 1 Ohm, 13 Amps @ 0.5 Ohm
Headphones 3.5mm jack socket allows monitoring of the loop signal via >32 Ohm headphones
Performance Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 14 kHz +/- 3dB; Distortion: 0.5%, S ~ N ratio: Better than -65dB any input
Metal Compensation True 3dB/octave design counteracts frequency dependent absorption by metal in the proximity of the installation over a bandwidth of approx. 100Hz ~ 10kHz
Dimensions 380(W) x 80(H) x 220(D) mm
Weight 4.54kg
Weight (Net) 4.54kg
Weight (Gross) 7.49kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member