PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
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PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU360N - 360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
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Inter-M - PMU360N

360W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier

100V Line Audio System
Low Impedance Audio System
MP3 Audio File Player
USB - Universal Serial Bus
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Product Description

The Inter-M PMU360N is a network-enabled 360 Watt mixer amplifier featuring audio-over-IP (AoIP) receiver compatibility when used with Inter-M's AOE212N AoIP Transmitter.

This 360W, 6 input Mixer Amplifier features a whole host of latest technology audio functionality never before seen in a commercial audio amplifier.

• Audio-over-IP signal distribution (when used in conjunction with AOE212N)
• USB Media Player
• Internet Radio
• On-board colour display
• Energy efficient power consumption
• Conventional mixer amplifier features & functionality

The audio-over-IP functionality of the PMU series amplifiers allows for audio signal distribution and system control from a single point to multiple zones or sites via standard LAN, WAN or Web Connectivity.

The PMU360N features ethernet connectivity to allow integration with Inter-M's AOE212N Audio-over-IP Transmitter, which will allow for transmission, which will allow for Audio-over-IP Transmitter, which will allow for transmission of conventional audio sources via Cat5e/6/7 or even wireless.

The PMU amplifier receives the streamed audio signal which can be selected as one of the range of audio inputs available to this device.

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The PMU-360N also features a choice of digital audio media choices:

USB Media Player - The amplifier features a built-in USB sound card which allows playback of MP3, WMA, WAV audio files directly from a USB memory stick.

Internet Radio - The PMU Amplifier series features built-in internet radio facility, without permanent connection to a PC. Using the amplifiers ethernet connection, the PMU will allow for selection of the seemingly limitless number of streamed radio channels available online. Internet radio connectivity is via a network/LAN/WAN and TCP-IP or RTSP.
(*Initial set-up of required internet radio channels on PMU requires temporary connection to a PC/browser).

Network Background Music - These amplifiers can also be connected directly (or over a network) to a PC or laptop featuring a sound, effectively providing a 'media server' facility to be outputted via the PMU amplifier.

Specification Sheet


  • Built in MP3/WMA/WAV player. Audio files are accessible via the front panel USB connector
  • Built in USB PC sound card permits direct input of PC Audio via rear panel USB connector
  • Streaming Network audio input via rear panel RJ45 connector
  • Large 2.8 inch Color LCD Display displays operation status as well as song title, artist, album art and output Level
  • SMPS - Switch Mode Power Supply technology design delivers high power output with low-power consumptionand low weight
  • 6 input mixer amplifier with 5 microphone or line level selection (line-level input, mic level input, and phantom power)
  • Signal indicator confirms and displays signal present for each input
  • Base and Treble tone adjustment
  • Five zone speaker selector switches, allows for independent or all zone broadcast
  • Output zone 5 features a 3 position attenuator
  • Front panel CHIME and SIREN with external trigger / External MUTE and Telephone paging input
  • VCA remote master volume level control
Description PMU360N
Rated Output Power 360W
Frequency Response (SP OUT/1W output) 80Hz~15kHz
T.H.D (Rated Output, 1kHz) Less than 0.5%
S/N (Rated Output) More than 70dB
Tone Control (100Hz, 10kHz) ±10dB
Input Sensitivity/Impedance Input 1~5 (MIC): -50dBu/2kΩ / Input 1~5 (LINE): -10dBu/2kΩ / Input 6: -10dBu/10kΩ / TEL IN: 0dBu/10kΩ / EXT IN: 0dBu/20kΩ / MIX Out/Impedance: 0dBu/10kΩ
Speaker Output Level/Impedance Low-Z: 76v/8Ω+8Ω, 70v/8Ω+8Ω / High-Z: 100v/28Ω, 70v/14Ω
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source 120 ~ 240v AC, 50/60Hz (Supplied with AC mains transformer)
Power Consumption (1/8W output) 80W
Dimensions 420(W) x 88(H) x 319(D) mm
Weight (Net) 5.50kg
Weight (Gross) 5.50kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member