IP-DDS - PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers
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IP-DDS - PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers
IP-DDS - PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers
IP-DDS - PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers
IP-DDS - PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers
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Atlas IED - IP-DDS

PoE+ IP Compliant Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers

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Product Description

The Atlas IED IP-DDS is an indoor, dual-sided information display point with integrated loudspeakers.

This IP-connected display/information point clearly displays time & date, as well as scrolling text messages which can be programmed/scheduled via a simple, intuitive online GUI (Graphic User Interface).

The IP-DDS dual-sided digital display also functions as an IP-connected loudspeaker, allowing for clear visual and audible communication information updates.
Therefore, this device is ideal for education, public access, healthcare and commercial applications including audio advertising, class change, emergency lockdown and evacuation systems.

Being a dual-sided display and featuring bi-directional loudspeakers, the IP-DDS is the ideal model choice for corridor areas.

IP Platform Compatibility
The IP-DDS Dual-sided Display/Loudspeaker registers as an IP communication endpoint when connected over the network to the Informacast, SA-Announce or GCK advanced notification/scheduler platforms.

Connect to additional analogue loudspeakers
The IP-DDS features an on-board line level output, allowing it to also function as an IP end point for speaker groups or zones, when connected to a conventional analogue audio system (eg 1000 line amplifier & speakers).

Two-way Communication (Talk-back)
The IP speaker/LED display also features integrated microphone for two-way/talk back communication.
This allows the security/control room staff to communicate live to individuals at a specific IP-DDS endpoint and for the individuals to speak back (eg. for information or emergency help points).

Improved accessibility and inclusivity
The Atlas IED IPX range of combined IP display/loudspeaker products helps to support the requirements for the latest British Standards Code of Practice - BS 8300.
By providing visual and audible communications, this product aids communication for people affected by sight or hearing impairments.
Click here to find out more about the latest BS 8300 Code of Practice for the design and specification of buildings for inclusive and accessible use by all.

Specification Sheet


  • IP-connected LCD display with loudspeakers
  • Dual-sided display/bi-directional loudspeakers
  • Display Date/Time and scrolling text messages
  • High visibility LCD display (Red, Green or Blue backgrounds available with GCK control platform; Blue as standard)
  • End point auto registration and auto provisioning
  • Multicast-enabled network clock control
  • Cisco SRST compliant
  • PoE or local 12v DC powered
  • Mounting Options: Wall or ceiling mountable
Description IP-DDS
System Type IP Dual Sided LCD Display with Bi-directional speakers and talk-back microphone
Operating Range (-10db) 250Hz ~ 9kHz
Coverage 95°, 800Hz ~ 4kHz
Max SPL at 1m (Passive) 93dB SPL Continuous / 96dB SPL Peak
General Purpose Interface Two Trigger Inputs / One Relay Output (2A @ 30v DC)
Amplification Type Single-Channel Class D Topology
AC Power Input PoE+ and External 24VDC (Recommend TSD-PS24V2500MA)
Power Rating (RMS) 12 Watts Max (802.3af) / 25 Watts Max (802.3at)
THD < 0.2%
Driver Protection Built-In Limiter
Audio Inputs Analog Audio Type: One Balanced Analog, Analog Connectivity: Secured Screw Terminal Block, Network Audio Types: G.711 U-Law / A-Law and G.722 Capable, Network Connectivity: RJ-45 Female
Audio Outputs Analog Audio Type: One Balanced Line Level, Analog Connectivity: Secured Screw Terminal Block, Digital Audio Type: G.711 U-Law / A-Law and G.722 Capable (Multicast), Speaker Connectivity: 2x Secured Screw, Speaker Level: 8Ω, 12W (802.3A
Display Type High Resolution Back-Lit Color LCD
Display Color Range Backlit Display - Red, Blue, Green - (With GCK), Standard - Blue, Text White
Control Time via NTP - Text Controlled via Software
Software GCK Compatible Version: 3.0+, InformaCast Advanced Compatible Version: 8.0+, InformaCast Fusion Compatible Version: 3.0+, SA-Announce Compatible Versions: 9.0.18+
Network Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T, PoE: IEEE 802.3 AF/AT Compliant, VLAN: IEEE 802.1q Tagging
Protocols IP Addressing: DHCP / Static, Auto-Provisioning: HTTP / TFTP, Auto-Registration: HTTP / Service Location Protocol / IEDNet, Time: NTP, Telephony: SIP
Colour White
Dimensions 251(H) x 519(W) x 176(D) mm
Weight (Net) 6.44kg
Weight (Gross) 8.27kg

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