IHVP - IP-Addressable 15W Horn Loudspeaker System ControlKom compatible
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IHVP - IP-Addressable 15W Horn Loudspeaker System ControlKom compatible
IHVP - IP-Addressable 15W Horn Loudspeaker System ControlKom compatible
IHVP - IP-Addressable 15W Horn Loudspeaker System ControlKom compatible
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Atlas IED - IHVP

IP-Addressable 15W Horn Loudspeaker System ControlKom compatible

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Product Description

9W IP-Addressable Horn Loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor use; compliant with Atlas IED ControlKom software.

Easily connect loudspeaker systems to existing data networks with Atlas IED's new IP Speaker product range. Atlas IED IP Speakers are a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) loudspeaker range which require only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks.

The perfect choice for education, military/government and large scale corporate applications, Atlas IED’s 'ControlKom' system revolutionises communication, clock/bell and message playback functionality.
It provides the capability to simultaneously send a multicast audio stream and text messages to any combination of Atlas IED IP Speakers and PCs.

Using ControlKom's simple, user-friendly software GUI, a user can send a live, recorded, or scheduled broadcast to one or more paging groups.
With ControlKom-compliant loudspeaker products, system designers and integrators will have the ability to deploy extremely large scale and complex paging systems over new existing or new networks with the convenience of centralized administration by IT personnel.

Features of Atlas IED IP Loudspeakers:
• Line out and amplified out
• Multicast support
• Minimal delay
• Easy to install - built-in test tones allow quick check of installation
• Can work with traditional high voltage wiring
• Available in several different configurations
• Web (HTTP) interface for status and control
• Software can be automatically upgraded for future needs

• A wireless network connection (802.11)
• PoE and non-PoE
• Synchronized clock display
• Several different speaker configurations:
- Horns
- Weatherproof
- Ceiling Panels
- Wall Panels
- Vandal proof

Specification Sheet

  • Use with ControlKom software, PoE networks & IP Telephones to create extremely versatile paging and messaging systems
  • Highly efficient APF horn loudspeaker system provides 104dB average SPL @ 1W/1M and is capable of 113 dB @ 1m via the rated power of the internal IP addressable amplifier
  • 95° dispersion in the 2kHz octave band (-6dB)
  • Frequency response of 700Hz ~ 5.5kHz (±5dB) is perfect for high intelligibility speech and general messaging playback
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Signal and Control over Ethernet
Description IHVP
APF-15 LoudspeakerPower Handling 15W continuous
APF-15 Loudspeaker Sensitivity 120dB at 15W (peak), 114dB at 15W / 1m (avg) 700 ~ 5.5kHz, 104dB 1W / 1m (avg) 700 ~ 5,5kHz
APF-15 Loudspeaker Frequency Response 600 ~ 14,000Hz (nominal), 700 ~ 5,5kHz ±5dB
APF-15 Loudspeaker Dispersion 95˚ (-6dB, 2000Hz octave band)
APF-15 Loudspeaker Finish Grey baked epoxy
Baffle Material Cast aluminium
Baffle Speaker Grille Material 22-guage perforated stainless steel
Baffle Overall Dimensions 273(W) x 273(H) x 135(D) mm
Baffle Colour White
Amplifier/Controller Power Rating 9W RMS into 8Ω Load with 9v DC in
Amplifier/Controller Inputs RJ-45 Female on PCB accessable from rear of baffle
Amplifier/Controller Outputs 2 Wire Main ± terminated to loudspeaker
Amplifier/Controller Power Source IEEE 802.3AF compliant POE network switches local 12~18v DC PSU
Amplifier/Controller Network Control Informacast on multicast enabled networks
Weight (Gross) 2.74kg

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