AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
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AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
AOE212N - 2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver
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Inter-M - AOE212N

2 Channel Audio over Ethernet Transceiver

100V Line Audio System
I.P Connectivity
I.P. Audio
Low Impedance Audio System
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Product Description

The new Inter-M AOE212N is an audio-over-IP (also known as AoIP) distribution system which allows for long distance transmission of voice, background music and audio messaging/advertising via standard TCP/IP LAN or WAN ethernet networks.

The AOE212N is a bi-directional device meaning that this same device can be used as either transmitter or receiver.

This Audio-over-Ethernet solution fits into a distributed audio system by connecting up to 2 audio sources (eg CD player, MP3 player, paging microphone or audio media streamer) to an AOE212N configured as the 'Transmitter'. This is connected to a standard network via Cat5e/6/6e cabling, transmitting both high quality audio and data (for device switching and RS-232) to up to 60 'remote' amplifier zones/sites over LAN or 20 over WAN. At each remote zone an AOE212N is configured as the receiver and is connected to a standard 100v line or low impedance amplifier.

When used in conjunction with an Inter-M PMU Series amplifiers, or RFA102 AoIP Receiver, the AOE212N is only required as a transmitter device. The PMU amplifiers feature on-board AoIP connectivity and act as both amplifier and audio-over-ethernet receiver.

Audio-over-IP distribution not only benefits from the ability to use existing ethernet cable infrastructure, but also allows for long distance and multi-site audio signal transmission and control.

Data-over-Ethernet Transmission
As well as transmitting audio signals, the AOE212N system also simultaneously sends 8 channels of data either for contact-closure control and/or RS-422/RS-232 control integration.

AC/DC powered
The Inter-M AOE212N is powered via either AC or DC power allowing for uninterrupted signal broadcast using battery back-up, as well as supporting 'portable' or temporary audio systems in applications such as large-scale, live outdoor events.

Browser-based Configuration
An AOE-212N Audio-over-Ethernet PA or Background Music System can be easily and quickly set-up, monitored and controlled using a browser-based user interface.

 - Emergency One - Inter-M Audio-over-IP

Specification Sheet

  • High quality audio and control data transmission over standard LAN/WAN
  • Long-distance signal transmission using Ethernet network
  • AOE212N configured as either Transmitter or Reciver device
  • Transmit to multiple IP end-points; 1~20 via WAN, 1~60 over LAN
  • Compatible with Inter-M PMU Series Network Amplifiers and RFA102 Receiver
  • Uncompressed and Compressed digital audio transmission
  • 2-channel bi-directional data transmission (for 8x8 contact-closure device control or RS-422/RS-232 control integration)
  • Compact 1U high, 19
  • Compatible with both 100v line and low impedance audio systems
Description AOE212N
Maximum Input Level +20dBu
Maximum Output Level +20dBu
T.H.D (48kHz Sampling) < 0.1%
Support Sampling Frequency 8, 16, 32, 44.1, 48kHz
Quantization bits 24 bit
Communication Input/Output Input 8-Channel, Output 8-Channel
Serial Communication Rate 2400 ~ 115200 bps
Ethernet (LAN) 10 ~ 100 Base-T, RJ45
Operating Temperature 10°C - +40°C
Power Source 220 ~ 240v AC or 24v DC
Power Consumption 28W
Dimensions 482(W) x 44(H) x 280(D) mm
Weight (Net) 3.27kg
Weight (Gross) 4.25kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member