Soundfield Systems

CIE AV Solutions are the UK’s leading supplier of Soundfield Classroom Voice Reinforcement systems which provide improved audible learning environments for schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. Soundfield is essentially the integration of a mini-PA system in the classroom, allowing lessons to be clearly heard throughout the whole classroom without the need for raised voices or high audio levels.

Soundfield Classroom Voice Reinforcement Systems

The inclusion of a Soundfield System in the classroom will raise the teacher's voice above any obtrusive/significant ambient noise level, to give even coverage throughout the room without the need to shout or raise one's voice. This will provide significant benefits for teacher/pupil communication and understanding.

Soundfield creates an acoustically effective teaching environment and CIE's i-ceilings Soundfield systems offer a wide range of benefits including:
• Unobtrusive, yet highly effective voice reinforcement in the classroom.
• Unidentifiable Loudspeaker solution reduces damage or loss due to theft or vandalism.
• Infrared wireless microphone technology allows unlimited adjacent room systems without licensing issues.
• Easily integrated with other classroom/teaching technologies such as induction loops, personal FM hearing assistance systems, interactive whiteboards, laptops etc.

If you would like further information on Soundfield Classroom Voice Reinforcement products or the application in the teaching environment, please get in touch with us today by calling 0115 9770075. .
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