15/03/2016: Understanding AV Terms and Acronyms

Glossary of Audio Visual terms, technologies and abbreviations If you struggle trying to keep up with or understanding all those AV terms and acronyms, CIE's HowToAV team of AV experts and engineers are here with... Read More >

02/06/2015: HDMI Signal Distribution

Ever wondered what HDMI actually is? CIE’s explains the facts and fiction in this in-depth guide to HDMI... In this section: What Is HDMI? HDMI Cabling – What’s The Truth? Are Expensive HDMI Cables Better Quality? What Are The Different Types Of HDMI C... Read More >

18/05/2015: Cables and Connectivity

CIE’s examines the wonderful world of cables and connectivity... In this section: What Is The Difference Between PoE And PoC Cables? What Is A Kettle Lead? Why Is It Important That I Make The Most Of My Home’s Wireless Network? Some Things To Consider W... Read More >

17/05/2015: USB - Universal Serial Bus

CIE’s examines the different types of USB and looks at USB version 3.1 in more detail... In this section: What Are The Different Types Of USB? What Makes The Type C USB So Special? What Is USB Version 3.1? Apple's Affair With Type C USB Version 3.1... Read More >
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