Chiayo Wireless Microphone and Portable Presentation systems provide the ultimate solution in portable, wireless sound reinforcement for presentation and music applications such as audio/visual presentations, education, new product demonstrations, places of worship, tour guide scenarios and leisure.

Portable Presentation systems

By incorporating amplifier, loudspeaker, wireless microphone  receiver, rechargeable battery and CD/USB player into one unit, each of the Chiayo portable range can easily be transported and safely used in almost any environment - even outdoors and swimming pool areas - providing high quality voice and music reproduction for audiences ranging from 10 to 200 people.

Benefits include

  • Highly portable
  • All-in-one PA solutions
  • Completely wire-free
  • UHF, VHF and infrared options
  • Indoor and outdoor* use
  • Ideal in education, audio visual and demonstration applications

* Infrared models only suitable for indoor use

Portable PA Systems

Venture Tour Guide system

The latest Venture Tour Guide system provides a feature-packed, high performance two-way communication system for guided tours, language learning and interactive group activities. The Venture System runs on the 2.4GHz digital frequency and, therefore, provides licence-free wireless communication. Simple to use, this two-way wireless communication system supports ‘talk-back’ from the audience Receiver device.

The press-to-talk button & microphone found on the back of the audience transmitter device is an interactive solution, handy for audience participation especially on Q&A's and has no limit to the number of Receivers which can be used on a single system. The unit will also sound off an out-of-range warning beep.

Venture 2.4GHz Wireless Tour Guide System
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  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member