PA120A - Digital 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier
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PA120A - Digital 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier
PA120A - Digital 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier
PA120A - Digital 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier
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Inter-M - PA120A

Digital 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier

100V Line Audio System
Low Impedance Audio System
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Product Description

The Inter-M PA120A is a professional 120 watt integrated mixer amplifier for both 100v line and low impedance loudspeaker systems.

The PA120A Mixer Amplifier can be desktop or rack mounted and is ideal for commercial audio applications such as background music, paging and public address.

These economical multi-purpose mixer amps feature 6 inputs - 5x microphone or line level, balanced on XLR female and/or euro terminal block connectors on the rear of the unit. Each input terminal features rear-mounted level selector switch for mic or line level sensitivity.
Inputs 1~ 3 feature Phantom Power for use with condenser microphones.
Input 6 is a high impedance unbalanced on 2 x RCA connectors.

This amplifier also features telephone input terminal for connectivity to a standard phone system, allowing paging directly from a telephone handset (if the telephone system provides a Direct Paging Output or if an appropriate Extension Interface is used). VOX priority override is available on inputs 1 & 2 and also the telephone input.

The front panel of the PA120A amplifier features master volume control, 5-zone loudspeaker selection (plus 'all-call'), Bass & Treble Tone control and built-in chime & siren trigger buttons.

Designed to support high performance requirements of a commercial audio system, the PA120A is built with reliability as a priority, featuring short-circuit and thermal protection.

• Education facilities: Elementary, High School, College, University, Training Institute, etc
• Commercial establishments: Department stores, Shopping centres, Multiplex cinemas, hospitals, etc
• Public facilities: Government offices, transportation, stations, terminal, exhibition hall, factory, resorts, etc

Specification Sheet


  • High efficiency Class-D Amplifier: for greater power efficiency, reduced physical size and lower heat dissipation
  • Multiple Inputs: 6 x Mic/Line inputs, 1 x Telephone input (Euroblock connector)
  • Priority broadcasting: priority-telephone, mic 1, mic 2, chime and siren
  • Phantom Power Supply: PHANTOM POWER is available (INPUT 1~3) for use with condenser microphones
  • Input/Output Monitoring: Channel-specific input signal LED, Output level 7 segement Bar graph LED VU meter
  • Base and Treble tone controls: provides user-adjustable sound equalization
  • 5 Zone Speaker Selection: allows the selection and audio broadcast to a specific zone, all zones or any combination of 5 zones
  • Announce tones: Chime and Siren
  • Expandability: Line in/Line out
  • Optional 19 inch rackmount kit (BKT-A120)
Description PA120A
Rated Output 120W RMS @ 100v line, 120W RMS @ 4Ω
Frequency Response (Speaker Output, 1W) 80Hz ~ 15kHz
THD (@ Rated Power, 1kHz) less than 1%
S/N (@ Rated Output, Line Input) more than 7dB
Tone Control (100Hz, 10Hz, ±3dB) ±10dB
Input Sensitivity / Impedance (@ High-Z Output) Input 1~5: MIC -50dBu/2kΩ, LINE -10dBu / 2kΩ
Input 6 -10dBu/10kΩ
Tel IN 0dbu / 10kΩ
Ext IN 0dBu / 20kΩ
Mix OUT / Impedance 0dBu / 10kΩ
Speaker Output Level/Impedance: Low Z Output level: 120W / 8Ω, Impedance: 4Ω / 8Ω
Speaker Output Level/Impedance: High-Z Output level / Impedance: 100v / 84Ω, 70v / 41Ω
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +44°C
Power Source 230v AC / 50Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Dimensions 420(W) x 88(H) x 319(D) mm
Weight (Net) 7.40kg
Weight (Gross) 9.00kg

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