LB-8A - Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit
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LB-8A - Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit
LB-8A - Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit
LB-8A - Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit
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Clever Little Box - LB-8A

Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit

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Product Description

The LB-8A Digital Voice Unit is our latest generation Clever Little Box, providing a digital audio store and replay solution for integration into installed audio / PA systems.

Replacing our previous LB-5A model, this brand new, super-compact Audio Store & Replay unit uses an internal, secure 4GB SD Card to store and replay a choice of 8 different recorded messages and / or tones which are activated via voltage-free (dry) contact closures (such as switch relays or timer units).

The LB-8A Digital Audio Store is supplied with 8 pre-loaded Tones and Chimes; however, these can easily be replaced with the user’s own choice of bespoke Tones or Voice Messages by copying pre-recorded audio WAV files onto the unit’s internal SD Card.
Any selected messages/tones will remain playing/active for as long as the activation contact is triggered, once any trigger is removed the message will complete the playback of the selected file and reset, waiting for the next activation/trigger.

The LB-8A is ideal for applications such as retail audio advertising, school class change, factory shift change, health & safety / warning messages, vehicle safety warning messages, plus many more…

The Unit is housed within a compact, rugged and secure metal enclosure with connections made via a screw terminal block.

Power is provided from a 15v DC plugtop PSU (supplied), or from an external 12v power supply.

Whoop, Two-Tone, GMT Pips, Continuous, 4 Note Chime (ascending), 4 Note Chime (descending), 2 Note Chime (Ding Dong), 4 Note Chime (ascending soft)

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Specification Sheet


  • Up to 8 digital Tones / Messages stored to internal SD Card
  • Supplied with 8 sample tones / chimes
  • Bespoke User-defined WAV file Tones and Messages can be added
  • Audio files triggered via voltage-free (dry) contact closures
  • New ultra-compact unit for rack of wall mounting
  • Secure, rugged steel housing
  • Line Level output via 3.5mm audio jack
  • 12~30v DC powered (plugtop PSU supplied with unit)
  • Termination via simple screw terminals
Description LB-8A
File Type FAT32 (Windows WAV, 8bit, mono)
Sample Rate 6,8,11.025,16 or 22.05KHz
Storage Type/Size SDHC ,4GB (supplied internally mounted)
Message Activation 8 x Voltage Free Contacts
Audio Output Line level, unbalanced (via 3.5mm Jack Socket)
Switched Output 1x Voltage Free Contact
Power 12v-30v DC (supplied PSU@15vDC)
Dimensions inc. mounting plate 140(W) x 85(H) x 35(D) mm
Weight (Net) 0.33kg
Weight (Gross) 0.92kg

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