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Audio System Tools

CIE AV Solutions is one of the UK’s leading AV specialist distributors for professional installers and integrators. We provide a wide range of audio system tools which are used to improve, enhance and aid all types of installed and temporary audio systems.
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Audio System Tools

Our range of audio systems tools are used to solve any issues in your audio solution to help you address the problem quickly and effectively. We have professional audio signal controllers, distributors and correctors which allow you to manipulate the sound signal to convert, sync or switch.
We also provide tools which are used to solve problems with your system, such as leveling or splitting sound so that one signal van be directed to multiple locations. Telephone paging interfaces are another great audio system tool which can link a standard landline or phone to PA systems so that announcements can be made from a workers desk.
CIE also provides volume control units, isolation transformers to link various audio sources and devices together and microphone signal splitters which allow you to split a single microphone source 3-ways or more without any loss in volume or clarity.
If you would like to find the right audio system tools for your sound system then please get in contact with one of our support team by calling 0115 9770075.
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24vDC 1.25A Plug Top Power Supply
Part Number: T4818ST

24vDC 1.25A Plug Top Power Supply

Universal 12 volt Plugtop Power Supply for use with the Atlas Sound range of Time Saving Devices (TSDs).
Universal 24 volt Plugtop Power Supply for use with the Atlas Sound range of Time Saving Devices (TSDs). Features interchangeable UK 3pin, European 2 pin and US 2 pin adapters.
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  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member