PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
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PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
PMU120N - 120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier
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Inter-M - PMU120N

120W 6 Input Network-streaming Mixer Amplifier

100V Line Audio System
I.P Connectivity
Low Impedance Audio System
MP3 Audio File Player
USB - Universal Serial Bus
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Product Description

The InterM PMU120N Mixer Amplifier is the latest network-enabled commercial amplifier from this leading professional audio brand.
This 120W, 6-input Mixer Amplifier features state-of-the-art, built-in media player functions never previously available in an InterM product.

The PMU-120N features a built-in USB sound card / media player – allowing playback of MP3 / WMA / WAV audio files directly from a USB media stick (without the need for an audio player device such as CD / MP3 player).

The PMU Mixer Amplifier range now features internet radio capabilities – without the need to connect to a PC / smart phone, etc*.
Using a direct network connection to the PMU amplifier, its on-board processor will provide from the almost limitless choice of internet radio channels to be played through the amplifier – making it a fantastically flexible background music solution.
Internet radio connectivity is via a network / LAN / WAN and TCP-IP or RTSP.
(*Internet radio channels are initially chosen and set using a temporary PC / laptop connection and web browser)

The PMU120N Mixer Amplifier is also compatible with Inter-M’s new AOE212N Audio-over-Ethernet Transmitter – a brand new PA distribution device which allows for audio content or paging to be distributed over standard network connectivity to one or many receivers / amplifiers in a building, campus or multi-site PA system.
In such a system, the PMU120N acts as both Amplifier and audio-over-IP Receiver, allowing for huge flexibility and control in long distance, multi-zone / multi-site audio distribution.

The new PMU Series Amplifiers feature a built-in 2.8” LCD colour display on the front face, displaying operation status, internet radio channel, output level, USB MP3 song title / artist / album / cover art, etc.


The PMU120N also includes more ‘conventional’ features, of course; including 5 selectable microphone / line level inputs, telephone input and dual RCAs (stereo-to-mono sum), as well as mini-jack connector to the front of the device for easy connectivity of portable source devices such as iPhone / smart phone, iPod / MP3 player, CD / DVD player, etc.

Inter-M’s PMU Mixer Amplifiers feature Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) to ensure greater energy efficiency and reduced power consumption compared with traditional amplifiers.
SMPS also ensures reduced heat dissipation and allows for reduced physical size and weight of the amplifier.

The PMU120N Mixer Amplifier provides outstanding value-for-money and functionality for installed public address and background music applications. Ideal for a wide variety of commercial environments including bars / pubs, retail outlets, education, restaurants, fitness centers, dance studios and training facilities.

How to choose the right Amplifier:
We have a wide range of 100v line and Low Impedance professional amplifiers available to meet the needs of every type of installation / commercial application.
To help with choosing the correct Mixer Amplifier for the job, please CLICK HERE for our new Inter-M Mixer Amp Comparison Chart.

Please note that for rack-mounting, both the PMU60N & the PMU120N should be used with the BKT-A120N Bracket.

Specification Sheet


  • Built-in MP3 / WMA / WAV player. Audio files are accessible via front panel USB input for USB memory stick
  • Built-in USB PC sound card allows direct input of PC audio via rear panel USB connector
  • Streaming Network Audio input via rear RJ45 connector (for use with InterM AOE-212N)
  • On-board Internet Radio via rear RJ45 connector (requires internet connection)
  • 2.8 inch colour LCD screen displays operations status, output level, internet radio channel, USB MP3 song/artist/cover art
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology delivers high power output with energy efficient, low power consumption
  • 6 input mixer amplifier with 5 microphone / line level selection
  • Phantom Power to inputs 1, 2 and 3
  • Signal indicator confirms and displays signal present for each input
  • Bass and Treble tone control
  • Five zone loudspeaker selector switches, allowing for independent or all-zone broadcast
Description PMU120N
Rated Output Power 120W @ 100v line, 4Ω
Frequency Response (SP OUT/1W output) 80Hz ~ 15kHz
T.H.D @ Rated output 1kHz < 0.5%
S/N @ Rated output < -78dB
Graphic Equaliser (100Hz 330Hz 1kHz 3.3 kHz 10kHz) ±10dB
Input 1~5 Mic -50dBu/ 2kΩ, Line -10dB/2kΩ
Input 6 0dBu/ 10kΩ
Tel In 0dBu/ 10kΩ
Ext In 0dBu/ 20kΩ
Amp In 0dBu/47kΩ
Mix Out / Impedance 0dBu/ 10kΩ
Speaker output/ Impedance LOW-Z 22V/4Ω, HIGH-Z 100V/83Ω
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions 420(W) × 88(H) × 319(D)
Weight (Net) 6.70kg
Weight (Gross) 10.00kg

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