AM81 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
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AM81 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
AM81 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
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Clockaudio - AM81

Automatic Microphone Mixer

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Product Description

The Clockaudio AM81 is an 8 channel automatic microphone mixer ideal for multi channel microphone systems in conference and voice reinforcement applications.
By automatically sensing when a channel becomes active the AM81 will simply control the level of the system dependant on the priority settings, the NOMA (Number of Open Microphones Attenuated) function will also control and adjust the mixer output to prevent feedback due to open microphone channels.
Expansion easily achieved with up to 15 units able to be cascaded for medium to large system applications (120 microphones maximum).

Specification Sheet


  • 8x Microphones inputs
  • 1 x Aux/Music input
  • Individual Priority settings
  • Main Output (Balanced)
  • 8 x Individual Pre-Amp Outputs
  • Simple LCD Display (to view and change settings and functions)
  • Automatic or Manual operation
  • NOMA facility (Number of Open Microphones Attenuated)
  • Link in/Link Out for multi system use
Description AM81
Input Impedance MIC 4300Ω AUX 50kΩ
Output I*mpedance (balanced) MIC 15kΩ, Line 220Ω
Output Impedance (unbalanced) 1kΩ
Pre-Amplifier Output impedance 3.3kΩ
Max Input Level MIC - 18dBv.AUX 6dBv
Max Output Level (Balanced) MIC - 18dBv, Line 21.5dBv
Standard Input Level (Balanced) MIC - 28dBv
Pre-Amplifier Output Level (Balanced) MIC -25dBv, Line 0dB
Pre-Amplifier Output Level -4.4dBv
Max Gain 62dB
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Noise ; All channels with the max gain position (220Ω) ~85dB
THD+n: ≤0.5%
S/N 75dB
Phantom Power +48v
Controlling Output Voltage 5v
Power Voltage 220v AC
Current Consumption 25W
Dimension 430 (W) x 44(H) x 22(D) mm
Weight (Net) 3.20kg
Weight (Gross) 5.28kg

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