APA/APL* - Dual Phono Line Level Input Plate
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Dual Phono Line Level Input Plate

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Product Description

The i-ceilings APA/APL is an outreach Plate for AV inputs and is intended to be used for the connection of a laptop, CD, MP3 player (or similar audio signal) and should be located in a convenient position near to the teaching position.

The APA/APL can be used with the i-ceilings amplified Sound Panel or IRX Wallmount Amplifier

Outreach Plates are active with balanced outputs and, as such, can be daisy-chained together to provide multiple inputs as required, each with its own dedicated volume control. By this means it is possible to provide a flexible input structure to cater for almost any conceivable requirement.

All Outreach input and output plates require a single gang
socket box with a minimum depth of 25mm.

Accepts stereo phono line-level signals (usually from a stereo source such as a TV). Includes an on-board stereo phono to mono converter. (An APS SCART to dual phono lead is also available).
  • Can be connected to the balanced line level input of any audio system
  • Fully cascadable - up to ten Outreach plates can be daisy-chained to one balanced line level input
  • Plates can be located at any convenient point on an installation
  • Standard two-pair cable is idealfor most applications
  • Network lengths of 100 metres easily achievable with no degredation of sound quality
  • Built-in pre-amp, mixer and level controls included on most variants
  • Overcome the need for excessively long micorphone and audio leads
  • Surface-mountable on 25mm UK single gang back boxes
  • Effectively acts as a muliti-point distributed mixer with individual level controls
Description APA/APL*
Module 1 Gang Plate
Input signal level -12dBv ~ +6dBv
Gain +6dB
Level Control -30dBv to +6dB
Input impedance >10kΩ
Phantom Volts na
Signal to noise ratio >92dB
THD + noise
Supply Volts 12 ~ 32v
Supply Current 12 ~ 15mA
Input - balanced.unbalanced Line 1v (0dBv)
Output - balanced line 1v (0dBv) + 6dB (overload)
Frequency Response 40Hz ~ 20kHz
Input impedance >10kΩ
Output Impedance Insertion Signal to Noise Ratio
Weight (Net) 0.08kg
Weight (Gross) 0.10kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member