9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
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9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
9135110E - Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button
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2N - 9135110E

Helios Analogue Door Intercom, 1x button

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Product Description

The 2N 9135110E is a professional analogue Door Intercom device featuring integrated microphone, loudspeaker and a single call button.

The 9135110E Intercom unit is designed to combine style and simplicity with rugged security in a high quality steel housing.

Manufactured for both outdoor and indoor use, the analogue door intercom is ideal for both residential and commercial applications where remote communication and access control is required.

The 2N Analogue Intercom Range:

The 2N Analogue Intercom Series offers a wide range of secure intercom solutions suited to a variety of installation requirements. The range provides an alternative to a standard key option by providing a swiping card, code for entry or even remote access through a mobile phone device or computer, allowing the user to open doors whilst away from the office/home.

The Analogue Intercom series is made on a custom basis so it can be expanded to incorporate up to 54 push buttons along with accessories to include; a camera, card reader, attendance system and optional keyboard.

Ideal for both home and office use, these intercom systems are manufactured of high quality steel, helping to provide long system life and resistant to external effects when installed outdoors. Anti-vandal options models available.

Specification Sheet


  • Features single call button, microphone and loudspeaker
  • Stylish door intercom
  • Extra slim design
  • Hands free feature (speakerphone)
  • System modularity
  • Remote administration
  • IP53 rated for outdoor use
Description 9135110E
Minimum required on-hook line voltage 20V (Hang-up)
Minimum required off-hook line current 15 mA (Off-hook)
Bandwidth 300~3500Hz (20~60mA)
Switch max voltage 48v AC/DC
Switch min voltage 9v AC/DC
Switch max current 2A AC/DC
Backlight rated voltage 12v
Backlight max voltage 24v
Backlight current consumption max 1A
Operational temperature range -20 to + 60 ºC
Coverage IP 53
Pulse dialling 40/60ms (20~60mA)
Time of response to ringing Variable
DTMF level -6 and -8dB ± 2dB (20~60mA)
Busy tone/Continuous/Ringing tone detection speed both 350~500Hz
Overvoltage protection common mode 1000v (8/20 μs)
Overvoltage protection between A and B conductors 1000v (8/20 μs)
Dimensions 100(W) x 210(H) x 29(D) mm
Weight (Net) 0.50kg
Weight (Gross) 0.65kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member