9137111KU - IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad
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9137111KU - IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad
9137111KU - IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad
9137111KU - IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad
9137111KU - IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad
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2N - 9137111KU

IP Vario Door Intercom Unit - 1 call button, keypad

I.P Connectivity
IK07 Impact Protection rating
IP53 Rating
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Product Description

The 2N Vario 9137111KU is a single Call Button IP-connected Door Intercom device featuring code access Keypad – part of the 2N IP Intercom and Access Control range which allows complete system control and distribution over LAN, WAN or web networks.

Combining the latest IP technology with high grade, rugged materials and construction; the 2N 9137111KU Door Intercom unit provides one-to-one communication with visitors, as well as control access to the building via related 2N Door Lock mechanisms.

The 9137111KU Door Entry model is an advanced, feature-full version of the Door Intercom and includes keyboard for code-controlled access or communication with additional SIP devices on the network. The full range can be integrated into one on-site system or a multi-zone, multi-site system – all within an IP environment using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

The 2N Vario IP system also offers a huge range of upgrade options, associated products and accessories, allowing your IP-distributed Door Intercom System to be upgraded and adapted to include Access Control, distributed audio (such as intercom or public address) and video signal distribution.

The 2N IP Vario range is primarily designed for use indoors or protected outdoor areas, having an IP53 protection rating. However, in installations where the devices are recessed into the wall and 2N covering hoods are applied, a greater level of weather protection is provided.

*End-Point License Keys
Please note that license keys may need to be purchased based on the number of IP End Points on the system.

Optional Additional Features via upgrade Licences

A wide range of additional features and functions can be added to your 2N Door Intercom Device, via a 2N Upgrade License as follows:

Real Time Video Streaming (Optional Function)
24/7 video streaming of voice and video via LAN can be received by any device supporting RTSP and can be viewed independently from 4 separate computer terminals. This function allows for a stored video record of people entering and leaving the building. It can also serve as a substitute for a video phone.

Time Profiles (Optional Function)
The Time Profile function defines when the phone number or lock code is valid or invalid. Any profile can be assigned to a specific lock or contact in the phone book, with up to 20 Time Profiles available. This feature could be used, for example, for limiting access to cleaning staff, setting their Time Profiles to only allow access during out of hours periods, weekends-only, etc.

HTTP Lock Control (Optional Function)
The embedded relay within the 2N Vario product range can be activated / de-activated from another device on the network via http command, fully independent of incoming/outgoing calls.

User Sounds (Optional Function)
This feature allows different sounds/tones to be set on the 2N device to suit user preferences (eg. A ‘busy tone’ can be changed to “Please dial again later”)

TFTP Server (Optional Function)
Enables automatic updates of firmware and configuration from a single location TFTP server and provides significant time savings for the IT / technical services department where a number of devices needs to be serviced.

IP Card Reader (Optional Function)
A Smart RFID Card Reader Module can be added to any type of 2N Vario device.

IP Relay (Optional Function)
The 2N Vario system can control IP relays connected to the same LAN as the 2N device(s).


Feature / Licence Supplied as Standard (unlicensed) Enhanced Audio License 9137905 Enhanced Video Licence 9137906 Enhanced Integration Licence 9137907 Enhanced Security Licence 9137908 Gold License 9137909
Substitute Function  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES
User Sounds    YES        
Audio & Video Streaming (RTSP Server)      YES      YES
Extended lock control activated by call/quick dial button.
Time Profile for Switch
       YES    YES
HTTP Switch Control option – inbound and outbound        YES    YES
Picture to Email (SMTP Client)        YES    YES
Auto Provisioning (TFTP Client)        YES    YES
802.1x Support          YES  YES


Specification Sheet


  • IP connected Door Intercom
  • 1 Buttons / 1 Name Labels
  • 11 key integrated Keypad
  • SIP communication protocol
  • Integrates within a LAN, WAN, Web Ethernet network system
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) (or 12v power supply)
  • Integrated web server for configuration
  • iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet support
  • Web Interface Administration / Control of all 2N Helios IP devices from one location
  • Stylish, discreet design; robust materials and construction
  • IP53 protection rating
  • Hermetically sealed buttons
Description 9137111KU
Number of Call Buttons 1
Keypad 11 key numeric
Signal Protocol SIP 2.0 (RFC-3261)
Audio 1 x integrated microphone, 2W Loudspeaker, Full Duplex
Power Supply PoE or 12v/1A
LAN 10/100BaseTX with Auto MDIX
Relay Outputs NC/NO contacts, max 30v/1A AC/DC
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Protection Level IP53
Dimensions 210(H) x 100(W) x 29(D) mm
Weight (Net) 0.40kg
Weight (Gross) 0.70kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member