ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
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ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
ARCS-E - Keypad & Biometric Reader
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Keypad & Biometric Reader

IP65 Rating

Product Description

The ARCS-E biometric reader elevates the security of your access control system, delivering robust multi-factor authentication through the integration of advanced MIFARE, DESFire, EV2 & EV3 technologies, a capacitive keypad, and a fingerprint sensor.

The ARCS-E biometric reader employs various identification technologies to ensure secure user identification. It is compatible with RFID MIFARE, DESFire, EV2 & EV3.

Furthermore, the reader is designed to support the latest contactless technologies, incorporating advanced data security features:
  • Secure Messaging EV2: This ensures transaction security by safeguarding against interleaving and replay attacks.
  • Proximity Check: Provides protection against relay attacks.
The device incorporates well-established and approved security mechanisms, including public algorithms and an EAL5+ certified crypto processor, enhancing data protection for information stored in the reader.

Moreover, the reader is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC-enabled smartphones. By utilising your smartphone you can seamlessly transform it into your access key, eliminating the constraints associated with traditional access control. STid offers five identification modes - Prox, long distance, or hands-free - to provide both secure and intuitive access control.

Specification Sheet

  • Easy fingerprint management
  • Advanced anti-fraud functions
  • Ultimate self protection
Description ARCS-E
Frequency 13.56 MHz + Bluetooth (Low Energy)
Power Supply 7 - 28 VDC / 330 mA/12 VDC max
Colour Black or White
Operating Temperature - 10°C to + 50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Functions Read only CSN and secure (file, sector) / Controlled by protocol (read-write)
Material ABS-PC UL-V0 (black) / ASA-PC-UL-V0 UV (white)
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 148.6 H x 80 W x 71.3 D mm
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member