ELOOP - Portable Induction Loop
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ELOOP - Portable Induction Loop
ELOOP - Portable Induction Loop
ELOOP - Portable Induction Loop
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Opus Technologies - ELOOP

Portable Induction Loop

Induction Loop Facility
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Product Description

The latest innovation from Opus Technologies, the eLoop portable loop amplifier, empowers clear communication for hearing aid users in various environments. This user-friendly system integrates a microphone capsule, amplifier, and loop within a compact unit.

The eLoop features two conveniently located knobs for adjusting the magnetic field emission level and handset sound level. LED indicators on both the front and back of the unit visually confirm its operational status, allowing hearing aid users to effortlessly switch their devices to the T-coil setting.

For added flexibility, the eLoop comes with a detachable fixation support. This allows for either a permanent installation or easy portability between workspaces.

The eLoop seamlessly integrates into various environments demanding improved accessibility, including:
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Reception areas
  • Airports
  • Post offices
  • Information centers
Notably, the eLoop adheres to the strict specifications outlined in the IEC 60118-4 standard, ensuring quality and reliability.

In essence, the eLoop portable loop amplifier offers a user-friendly and reliable solution for enhancing communication clarity for individuals with hearing aids in diverse settings.

Specification Sheet


  • Elegant and inclusive design
  • Plug and Play
  • Conform with the IEC 60118 4 standard
  • Perfect for 1-1 communication with hearing-impaired customers or service users
  • Easily portable and lightweight design
  • Features an integrated high-performance microphone
  • Auto shut-off function to conserve battery life
  • can be utilised normally while charging, ensuring continuous functionality
Description ELOOP
Integrated microphone Capsule microphone
Microphone plug 1x 3.5mm Micro Jack
Phantom power supply 5V, 1mA
Headphone plug 1x 3.5mm Micro Jack
Voltage / Current 5 Vdc/ 1,5A
Connector Micro USB
Battery Lithium Ion 3,7V 4000mAh
Charge time 4 hours
Current 3,5A rms
Protections Thermal resistance / Overload
Coverage 1,10m
Dimensions 250(w) x 185(H) x 80mm(D)
Weight (Net) 0.36kg
Weight (Gross) 1.03kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member