AU-D12 - Optical Audio Distribution Amplifier 
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AU-D12 - Optical Audio Distribution Amplifier 
AU-D12 - Optical Audio Distribution Amplifier 
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CYP - AU-D12

Optical Audio Distribution Amplifier 

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Product Description

The CYP AU-D12 is a high quality, compact 2-Way Digital Optical Audio Splitter featuring 1 x Optical (Toslink) input and 2 x Optical (Toslink) outputs; splitting a single audio signal into two whilst maintaining a reliable and loss-less audio signal transmission.

Therefore, a single digital audio signal from a HD source device (such as HD Sky Box) can be split between to directly feed a HDTV audio output and the external amplifier of a surround sound system.

Specification Sheet


  • 1.2 Optical (Toslink) Distribution Amplifier
  • Supports S/PDIF standard of digital audio transmission
  • Amplifier Optical (Toslink) output, extending another 5 metres
  • Accepts Uncompressed 2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) & Compressed 2-channel and multi-channel Dolby and DTS audio signal
  • Electromagnetic noise-free transmission
Description AU-D12
Input 1 x Optical (Toslink)
Output 2 x Optical (Toslink)
Power 5v/1A DC (US/EU stanadrds, CE/FCC/UL certififed)
Dimensions 45(W) x 25(H) x 45(D) mm
Weight (Net) 0.14kg
Weight (Gross) 0.23kg

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