BT-8 - Store/Forward Zoning Interface
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Store/Forward Zoning Interface

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Product Description

 The BT-8 is a Store/Forward Zoning Direct Paging Interface which enables staff to make public address announcements from the comfort of their own desk telephone.

The free-standing unit acts as an interface between the analogue telephone system and the PA.

Both the BT-5 & BT-8 free standing units allow staff to dial into the Public Address (PA) system from their desk. The BT-5 & BT-8 act as a network between the telephone system and the PA and allows each individual with the opportunity to contact other members of staff or to make general announcements. This avoids contact to a busy reception/switchboard with a request to put a call out.

To Install the units, simply connect to a PA amplifier and an available telephone extension socket (BT5) or a building’s telephone exchange (BT8). A paging announcement is available by simply dialling into the unit’s extension. 

Please note: the BT8 is not approved for direct connection to the BT network. Under general approval NS/G/23/J/100003 it may be connected to a port on a telephone switch (PABX). This unit should only be used with a switchable amplifier input.

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Specification Sheet


  • Operated by simply dialing the BT8 extension number
  • Supplied with an IEC mains lead
  • Can be used to broadcast live announcements
  • Additional facility enables the user to pre-record an announcement. This reduces the risk of feedback where the telephone is adjacent to a loudspeaker
  • When connected to a telephone system with MF signalling, the BT8 enables the user to select up to eight zones via the telephone keypad
  • An internal selector determines if the recorded message is played once or twice
  • Can be wired into any two-wire analogue extension port via a designated master extension socket
  • Another option is to connect the unit to the paging port available on most modern telephone switches. However, they are not designed to operate on keyphone system extension ports
  • Outputs are selectable from line or microphone level
  • Signal output and zone select connections are via a 25 way D connector
  • Compatible with our BDM300 range of desk microphones (connected via the BMS25 socket box supplied with the microphone)
  • We recommend using our B81R relay unit for the zone select switching
Description BT-8
Ring voltage 20~70v @ 17~25Hz
REN value 1.0
Mic output level 2.5mv @ 22Ω
Line output level 0dBM 775mv @ 220Ω
Time out delay Recorded 55 sec - live 2.5 mins
K break Interruption of line current
Voice operated switch Absence of caller speaking
DTMF tone Sent from caller to terminate the call
Zone select outputs 8 x NPN open collector 40v @ 100mA max
Amplifier access output 1 x NPN open collector 40v @ 100mA max
Amplifier busy input Opto-coupled 12~30v 7mA max AC/DC
Supply input 220~240v, 50Hz, 60Hz
Fuse protection 20 x 5mm 250mA (T)
Dimensions 122(H) x 270(W) x 70(D)
Weight (Net) 3.00kg
Weight (Gross) 3.45kg

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