School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
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School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems - Scalable School Lockdown Systems
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School Lockdown Systems

Scalable School Lockdown Systems

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Product Description

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What is a School Lockdown System?

Differentiating between a School Lockdown Procedure and a School Lockdown System is key to understanding the requirements necessary for a cohesive, effective solution. Where a Lockdown Procedure is defined as an established series of actions taken, a Lockdown System incorporates those actions and a variety of resources, technology & announcements used throughout the building, to greatly improve communication and access control measures are followed through.
A Lockdown System can be divided into two main components - Communication & Access Control...
School Lockdown System design

What technologies can be applied to a School Lockdown System?


School Lockdown - Public Address Public Address/Audio Systems - including 100v line, EN54 & IP audio

School Lockdown - Bell Timing SystemsBell Timing Systems

School Lockdwon Systems - Personal MessagingPersonal Messaging Systems such as text, email or pop-up notifications

School Lockdown Systems - Visual WarningsVisual Warning Systems such as digital signage, dot matrix displays or beacons


Access Control:

School Lockdown - Access ControlAutomatic Activation Systems such as electric doors, access control or mag. lock systems

School Lockdown - Door MonitoringDoor Monitoring Systems

School Lockdown - Video Door EntryVideo Door Entry Systems

School Lockdown - Wireless Distress SystemsWireless Distress Systems such as personal distress call devices

School Lockdown - CCTV & SurveillanceCCTV and Surveillance Systems

Fully scalable, project-specific School Lockdown Systems

CIE AV Solutions provides a huge range of fully scalable, project-specific School Lockdown Systems, designed around the size and layout of your school, any existing infrastructure, risk levels and budget and - most importantly, designed to fully support the criteria of your written School Lockdown Procedure.
From a basic public address system to provide school-wide communication, to integration with bell timing systems, to a fully integrated communication, access control and surveillance system, we have the expertise, skills and product range to meet your individual Lockdown System requirements.

The following systems are simply examples of the scale and options available to provide improved communication and access control as part of your Dynamic Lockdown Procedure...
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• Public Address System  ('SCHOOL A' example)
A standard distributed audio (public address) system is perhaps the simplest solution to provide school-wide clear communication to all staff, students, visitors, etc.
It allows for immediate warning of Lockdown Procedure being engaged and for updates throughout the school as any situation reaches resolution.
School Lockdown System - Option A

• ‘One-button’ triggered Audio System
('SCHOOL B' example)
This example shows a Lockdown System and School Bell Timing System combined.
The Bell Timing System allows for pre-set bell or tones for class-change notification, as well as providing an alternative alarm, message or tone to warn of Lockdown Procedure being engaged.
This example features both microphone and ‘One-button’ Lockdown trigger, allowing for the Lockdown ‘alarm’ to be set-off using alternative sources.
School Lockdown System - Option B

• ‘Hybrid’ network audio System  ('SCHOOL C' example)
This ‘hybrid’ audio system example utilises both standard 100v line audio together with the latest network audio technology.
Such a system is often used to combine existing public address infrastructure with network building management systems such as CIE’s own ‘Core Control’ software system.
School Lockdown System - Option C

• Fully integrated Dynamic School Lockdown System  ('SCHOOL D' example)
The below example combines communication and access control devices over a standard network infrastructure, to provide a fully-integrated Dynamic School Lockdown System.
Featuring a combination of 100v line & network audio, door entry & intercom, standard IP telephone systems and CCTV, this example of an integrated Lockdown System not only offers multiple-layer Lockdown functionality, but can also be used for additional operations including class-change, door entry/access control, messaging and much more.
School Lockdwon System - Option D

Designing the right Lockdown System for your school/your procedure...

CIE AV Solutions is one of the UK’s leading experts in audio, security and access control and has a huge wealth of experience in designing and supplying professional systems for schools, colleges and universities throughout the nation.
Our standpoint with regards to providing effective School Lockdown Systems is that ‘one size does not fit all’ and, therefore, we consider every project to be unique.

Your Lockdown requirements are unique
Our team of expert system designers work in partnership with professional security and AV installers to design and deliver a high quality Lockdown System based on the needs of your school, your individual Lockdown Procedure, as well as any additional increased risk factors.
Each Lockdown System we supply is based on a detailed site survey of your school/campus, during which we will consider any existing communication / security systems and resources already in place which could be utilised as part of the system.
Our solutions are entirely scalable, based on size of school, individual Lockdown Procedure, risk factors and budget and will draw from the full range of technologies available to achieve the most effective and cohesive solution to meet your needs.

Contact the CIE Team

Free system design support for your Lockdown System
CIE AV Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of integrated audio visual and access control systems. Our award-winning team of system designers provide a free specification & design service to help you develop the best Lockdown System for your environment using existing or new infrastructure.
Our team will help to specify a Dynamic Lockdown System tailored to meet the individual needs of your school, college, university or business premises.

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  • Personal Messaging Systems
  • Visual Warning Systems
  • Automatic Activation Systems
  • Door Monitoring Systems
  • Video Door Entry Systems
  • Wireless Distress Systems
  • CCTV and Surveillance Systems
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