C3S-RF/CPPW01-RF - Suspended Cardioid Microphone, Black, RF via CPPW01-RF
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Clockaudio - C3S-RF/CPPW01-RF

Suspended Cardioid Microphone, Black, RF via CPPW01-RF

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Product Description

The Clockaudio C3S-RF is a slim, wide band, RF-immune, cardioid condenser microphone designed to be suspended in places of worship, conference halls, theatres, etc.

Featuring a flexible gooseneck and knuckle-joint for easy adjustment and positioning, the C3S-RF Suspended Gooseneck Microphone gives a wide angle coverage to pick-up choirs, audiences or multiple speakers when hung from above.

The Microphone is engineered in high quality brass and finished in satin black.

Supplied with 7.5 metres of cable attached, terminated with a 3 pin male XLR.

Clockaudio RF Series: GSM-friendly microphones
The Clockaudio RF product range has been developed in direct response to interference (noise) issues which have been introduced into microphones, IP phones, hearing aids, etc. by popular GSM devices such as PDAs and mobile phones with two-way walkie-talkie capability.
The noise emitted from these devices can wreak havoc on everything from a simple phone call to a complex video conference, and everything in between.

These GSM devices emit a periodic hand shaking ‘sync signal’ to the nearest antenna tower even when these devices are at rest which creates noise, as well as data streaming noise when receiving or making calls, text messaging, sending or receiving
e-mails or web surfing. Depending on the distance of the PDA or mobile device to the antenna tower, these devices will vary their strength in order to ensure proper hand shaking which can result in
loud distracting noises which takes the focus away from the real business at hand; ‘your business’.

Clockaudio’s ‘RF-Immunity’ Series of microphones completely strips out this interference without any degradation of audio quality, frequency response or sensitivity, and allows the user to conduct
business as usual without the need to have conference participants check their PDA or mobile phone at the door.
  • Response optimised for consistent sound quality
  • Short flexible shaft with knuckle joint for easy adjustment of vertical angle
  • Made in high quality brass and finished in satin black
  • Supplied with 7.5metres of cable attached
  • Fully balanced and terminated with male 3 pin XLR connector
  • Mounting plate option CP 73/73W
  • Includes W2 Windshield
  • RF-immune against GSM devices
Description C3S-RF/CPPW01-RF
Length 215mm
Application Designed for ceiling mounting for use in conference halls, places of worship, board rooms..
Type Condenser (back electret)
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 50 Hz - 18 KHz
Sensitivity -40dB +/- 3dB at 1 KHz (0dB = 1 V/Pa)
Impedance 200 Ohms
S/N Ratio 64dB (A)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 125dB 1% THD
Power Requirements 9 - 48 volts phantom power
Termination (CPPW01-RF) screw terminal to Open Ended, 2 Core + Screen.
Supplied Accessories W2 Foam windshield included
Finish Satin Black
Dimensions 12mm
Weight (Net) 0.10kg
Weight (Gross) 0.30kg

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