RAX-PSU-12V - RAX 12V DC Power Manager
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RAX-PSU-12V - RAX 12V DC Power Manager
RAX-PSU-12V - RAX 12V DC Power Manager
RAX-PSU-12V - RAX 12V DC Power Manager
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RAX 12V DC Power Manager

RS232 Connectivity
USB - Universal Serial Bus
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Product Description

The RAX-PSU-12V DC Power Manager for a 19" rack mounting, providing multiple devices with 12v DC power from 8x Phoenix outputs available, each individually controlled by the unit.

The RAX-PSU-12V Power Manager additionally provides power for up to 2x RAX-FAN modules for greater flexibility, accessed through available on-board WebGUI, Telnet or RS232. The speed of the fans can be thermostatically set in 3 available speeds for user preference or at a single set speed.

The WebGUI can time the power outputs from the RAX-PSU-12V Power Manager to other units through schedules/events delivering power at specific times or for a single event. Additionally, with the uncertainty of a power cut, the unit is equiped with a battery back-up, which will preserve the unit until power is restored.

Further useful information can be accessed through the Power Manager's WebGUI such as current fan speed, power outputs and inputs and system temperatures to assist in the efficient running of the unit.


RAX Rack Mount Series:
Designed to suit a variety of applications, the RAX series can be used to minimise & neatly secure installations when employing multiple point-to-pojnt extenders, break out boxes and extenders.  The series also features additional products that power, cool and that may complete the installation from a design & aesthetic perspective.

The RAX Series of Rack Mount System can be used with any of the following CYP product range: PUV-1500 Series, PUV-1600 Series, PUV-1700 Series, PUV-1800 Series, IP6000 Series and the IP7000 Series of Transmitters and Receivers.


  • 8x individual 5v DC Power Outputs
  • 2x DC power outputs for RAX-FAN modules
  • Integrated WebGUI, RS232 & Telnet control
  • Low 140W overall power consumption
  • Onboard scheduler with Battery backup
  • WebGUI System information includes : Fan speed, Temperature & Active/Inactive Ports
  • Single speed or thermostatic temperature control of RAX-FAN modules
Description RAX-PSU-12V
Inputs 1x RJ45 (1x IP Control), 1x USB Type A (1x Service Port Propriety Data)
Outputs 1x Phoenix, 4 pin (1x 12v Fan Power Outputs), 8x Phoenix, 2 pin (8x 12v Power output)
PSU 12v/12.5A
Dimensions 25(H) x 211(W) x 112(D) mm
Weight (Net) 0.29kg
Weight (Gross) 1.35kg

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