91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
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91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
91379031 - Access Commander License - Advanced
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2N - 91379031

Access Commander License - Advanced

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Product Description

2N Access Commander is the nerve centre to any 2N IP Door Intercom or Access Control system, providing an intuitive control interface.

Comparing the key functions of the 2N Access Commander Licences:

2N Access Commander comparison chart

Access Control up and running in 10 minutes

2N Access Commander can be got up and running easily by people without any installation experience. All without even having to go through intensive training or to pore over cryptic manuals.

Attendance system
2N Access Control incorporates an attendance registration system to record the working attendance of employees. You can thus easily check on who is at the workplace.

Management of IP intercoms and access units

With this Access Control system you can bulk manage all IP Intercoms and access units made by 2N, which you will appreciate especially when it comes to larger installations.

An Access Control and Attendance system in one
2N Access Commander allows you not only to stratify access rights in your organization, but also to keep an eye on employee attendance.

Easy installation

The Access Control system is so intuitive that it can easily be installed by a user with only basic IT knowledge.

Intuitive operation via Web interface
You can check on employee attendance at any time, not only from your computer, but also from a tablet or smart-phone.

Modern design
The software is founded on the latest technology and has a user friendly interface designed to our customers’ requirements.

Mass administration of equipment
For larger installations, you can take advantage of the option to copy settings between devices and manage them from a single location.
Integration with third-party systems
The Access Control system integrates easily into third-party systems using the REST API web interface.

Clear tutorial
2N Access Commander comes with a set-up guide to help you quickly grasp how the system works.

One solution for multiple companies
The administrator can use just one instance of 2N Access Commander to manage access and attendance for more companies in a single office building or in different locations.

CLICK HERE to see how 2N Access Commander is used to control the IP Intercom System at 100 Putney Common Apartments project...

Specification Sheet

  • GUI interface for set-up and control of 2N IP Intercom and Access Control Systems
  • Attendance System
  • Device monitoring and notification
  • Global search across the entire system
  • Easy Installation
  • Intuitive operation via web interface
  • Mass administration of 2N devices
  • Integration with third-party devices
  • Single user, ADVANCED License
Description 91379031
General 2N Access Commander is delivered as a complete packet in the .OVA format intended for importing into the Oracle VM VirtualBox or VMware (version 5) virtual systems.
Supported browsers Optimised for the Google Chrome browser (version 40 or higher)
Other supported browsers Mozilla Firefox (version 35 or higher), Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher)
Minimum HW requirements for the PC/server The specifications below allow for 50 devices (2N Helios IP or or 2N® Access Units) connected to 2N® Access Commander.
Operating system Any 64-bit system (Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris)
CPU 2GHz; 2 core (x86 - 64)
RAM 4GB (2GB intended for the virtual system + 2GB for the host system)
Internet connectivity To upgrade the system, an Internet connection is required with a minimum throughput of 512kbit/s
Communication security https protocol
Number of log events Access Unit and IP Intercom - up to 10,000 events in RAM memory : Access Commander - unlimited events
User Licence Number of Devices 1
License Level ADVANCED
Weight (Gross) 0.00kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member