382210 - Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height
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382210 - Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height
382210 - Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height
382210 - Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height
382210 - Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height
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Single Height Gooseneck Intercom Post - Car Height

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Product Description

Introducing CIE’s newly developed single-height gooseneck mounting post for optimum and secure positioning of intercom and access control devices for high traffic areas such as car parks, warehousing & logistics traffic barriers and gated communities, etc.

The 382210 single-height gooseneck mounting post has been designed to provide effortless access to intercom and reader devices at car and pedestrian height.

The 382210 gooseneck offers full compatibility with the Akuvox range of intercom and access reader devices when combined with our exclusive range of rainhoods, but is also universally compatible with a wide range of third-party intercom/access reader devices thanks to our range of individual and universal adaptor mounting plates.

Engineered in high-grade steel and powder-coat finished, the car position post boasts exceptional sturdiness and weather resistance – essential in harsh and vulnerable locations and applications.

Akuvox vehicle intercom stand

  • Fully compatible with Akuvox Weather and Security Housings:
    This gooseneck works in harmony with our exclusive range of Akuvox Weather and Security Housings, developed to provide additional protection for intercom and access reader devices from inclement weather and reduce glare in bright sunlight.

  • Single height positioning:
    Gooseneck post provides single height mounting positions for one device – positioned for car/pedestrian accessibility.

  • Sturdy construction:
    Manufactured in high grade steel and powder coat finished, the 382210 is built to withstand the harshest of physical and environmental conditions.

  • Universal compatibility:
    This single-height gooseneck provides universal compatibility with Akuvox and a wide range of third-party devices thanks to our collection of adaptor mounting plates. 

  • Cable management:
    Our gooseneck post incorporates a neat cable management system that conceals all cabling internally, providing a clean and professional appearance while reducing the risk of damage or tampering.

  • Gooseneck Intercom Post Adaptor Plates:
    Gooseneck Backplate for Akuvox E18C Weather & Security Housing
    R20GBP Gooseneck Backplate for Akuvox R20A, R20K, E16 &E21 Weather & Security Housing
    382912GBP Gooseneck Backplate for Akuvox X912 Weather & Security Housing
    382915GBP Gooseneck Backplate for Akuvox X915 Weather & Security Housing
    382401GBP Gooseneck Backplate for 2N Solo/Access Weather & Security Housing
    382403GBP Gooseneck Backplate for 2N Verso 3 Module Weather & Security Housing
    382402GBP Gooseneck Backplate for 2N Verso 2 Module Weather & Security Housing

    Specification Sheet

    • High quality durable gooseneck post
    • Mounts 1 x Intercom at car/pedestrian access height
    • Mounting position height at 109cm (Centre of cable entry position)
    • Compatible with Akuvox and third-party intercom and access reader devices
    • Easily adapted for mounting alternative intercoms (adaptor plates sold separately)
    • All connection cabling routed inside post
    Description 382210
    Intercom Position Height 192cm (Centre of cable entry position)
    Number of Mounting Points 1
    Material Carbon Steel
    Colour Black
    Finish Powder Coated
    Weight (Net) 11.00kg
    Weight (Gross) 12.00kg
    • UVDB Registered
    • PLASA Member
    • Member of BESA
    • BSI 9001
    • ISCE supporting member