9155084 - IP Verso Door Intercom - Combined Bluetooth & Secured RFID Module
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9155084 - IP Verso Door Intercom - Combined Bluetooth & Secured RFID Module
9155084 - IP Verso Door Intercom - Combined Bluetooth & Secured RFID Module
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2N - 9155084

IP Verso Door Intercom - Combined Bluetooth & Secured RFID Module

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
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Product Description

The 9155084 combined Contactless Bluetooth & RFID Reader Access Module for use as part of the IP Verso Intercom Modular Door Entry System. This module can be used with the IP Verso and LTE Verso product range.

The 9155084 Module provides a modern approach alongside a safe and convenient way to unlock doors. Using a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone or tablet with the 2N Mobile Key application this module also provides versatility with an RFID technology to allow entry from both unsecured 125kHz and secured 13.65MHz cards. Users have the option of entry and organisations/residents can obtain temporary access to the compound.

Communication between the Bluetooth module and the 2N Mobile Key application is fully secured through asymmetric RSA-1024 and symmetric AES-128 keys. This application runs in the background on your phone in order to save your phone’s battery.

The 2N Verso 9155084 Bluetooth RFID Reader Module can be used either within the same frame as the 9155101 or 9155101C Main Units, individually in it's own frame or with other Additional Function Modules in a multiple-Module Frame.

The 9155084 is a component part of the 2N Verso Modular Door Entry range.

For help in specifying and ordering components and modules for your chosen unit, please click on the IP Verso Specification Guide below or call the CIE-Group Sales Team on T.0115 9770075 who will be very happy to advise and assist...

2N IP Verso can also be purchased in a range of complete product kits click for details.

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VERSO Product Specification Guide:


Main Basic Units - (*required)
9155101 Basic Unit
9155101C Basic Unit with camera
9155101B Basic Unit in Black
9155101CB Basic Unit in Black with camera
9155401C-E Basic LTE Unit
9155401CB-E Basic LTE Unit with camera

Mounting Frames - (*required)
9155011 1 Module Flush-mounting Frame
9155011B 1 Module Flush-mounting Frame - Black
9155012 2 Module Flush-mounting Frame
9155012B 2 Module Flush-mounting Frame - Black
9155013 3 Module Flush-mounting Frame
9155013B 3 Module Flush-mounting Frame - Black
9155021 1 Module Surface-mounting Frame
9155022 2 Module Surface-mounting Frame
9155023 3 Module Surface-mounting Frame

Extending Function Modules - (*option)
9155030 InfoPanel Module
9155031 Keypad Module
9155032 RFID Card Reader 125 KHz Module
9155033 RFID Card Reader 13 MHz Module
9155034 Input / Output Module
9155035 5 Quick-Call Button Module
9155036 5 electronic Button Module
9155039 Blank Module
9155040 RFID Card Reader NFC License
9155045 Biometric Fingerprint Reader Module
9155046 Bluetooth Module
9155047 Touch Digital Keypad Module
9155081 Touch Keypad & RFID Reader Module
9155082 Bluetooth & RFID Reader Module
9155083 Touch Keypad & RFID Reader, secured 13.65MHz Module
9155084 Bluetooth & RFID Reader, secured 13.65MHz Module

Flush Mounting Back Boxes - (*option)
9155014 1 Module Flush Mount Back Box
9155015 2 Module Flush Mount Back Box
9155016 3 Module Flush Mount Back Box

Electric Locks - (*option)
932070E BEFO 1211 12v / 600mA Lock
932080E BEFO 1211 12v / 600mA Lock with momentary pin
932090E BEFO 1211 12v / 600mA Lock with mechanical blocking

Accessories - (*option)
9159010 Security Relay
9137410E External IP Relay
9134165E RFID Card 125 kHz
9134166E RFID Key Fob 125 kHz

An overview of the full range of 2N IP Verso products can be found in the The 2N IP Verso Guide...

Specification Sheet

  • Combined Bluetooth & RFID Card Reader Module for use as part of the IP Verso Door Entry System
  • Non-contact, code-free access via Bluetooth/RFID cards/keyfobs
  • IP connected device
  • Audible response to activation
  • Silent alarm activation
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) (or 12v power supply)
  • Stylish, discreet design; robust materials and construction
  • IP53 protection rating
  • Fast, easy installation
  • High sensitivity of Bluetooth/RFID door entry activation
  • Regular automatic calibration (SmartSense Auto-tuning)
Description 9155084
Version Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher (BLE)
RX sensitivity up to -93 dBm
Range Adjustable (short ~ 0.5 m, medium ~ 2 m, long ~ up to 10 m)
Modes Tap in app, Dual factor authentication (with PIN code)
Security RSA-1024 and AES-128 encryption
RFID card reader 125 kHz (EM4100, EM4102, Prox), 13.56 MHz (ISO14443A, ISO14443B, NFC support), reads PACs ID (iCLASS SIO-enabled cards), reads UID (CSN)
Weight (Net) 0.17kg
Weight (Gross) 0.31kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member