PM260 - 600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier
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PM260 - 600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier
PM260 - 600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier
PM260 - 600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier
PM260 - 600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier
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Inter-M - PM260

600W Integrated Mixer Amplifier

100V Line Audio System
Low Impedance Audio System
USB - Universal Serial Bus
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Product Description

The Inter-M PM260 is a 600W multi-purpose desktop mixer amplifier.

The PM260 multi-purpose integrated mixer amplifier features multiple inputs:
  • 3 Microphone/Line 
  • 2 Line
  • 2 Stereo/ Line inputs, telephone in, USB
This amplifier features a telephone input terminal for connectivity to a standard phone system, allowing paging directly from a telephone handset. VOX priority override is available on inputs 1 and 2 as well as the telephone input.

  • Education facilities: High School, College, University, Training Institute, etc.
  • Commercial: Department stores, Shopping centres, Multiplex cinemas, hospitals, etc
  • Public facilities: Government offices, transportation, stations, airport terminals, exhibition halls, factories, resorts, etc.
The PM Series amplifiers are available in outputs of 360, 480 and 600W with Low-Impedance (4 Ω) or High-Voltage (70v / 100v line) options. The higher output amplifiers use Inter-M's Class-D amplifier technology.

The PM260 Integrated Mixer Amplifier can be desktop or rack mounted (optional rack mount kit - Part No. BKT-A120) and is ideal for commercial audio applications such as background music (BGM), paging and public address (PA).

Specification Sheet


  • Class-D amplifier 600W output power
  • HIGH-Z (100V / 70V) and Low-Z (8Ω / 4Ω)
  • Multiple inputs (three microphones/lines, two lines, two stereo/line inputs, telephone in, USB) and a function to control the volume of each channel
  • Ext In and Mix Out
  • Display of the input signal controlled by the channel and the level of the output LED
  • Tone control (bass/treble)
  • 5 zone selection switches
  • Broadcasting in priority
  • External sound cut and external carillon
  • Chime and siren
  • 2U high
  • Compatible with RM-05A paging microphone console
Description PM260
Power consumption (1/8W) 145W
Rated Power(1kHz) less than 1%
Mix out (balance) 0dbv
Ext In (balance) 0dbv/40kΩ
Tel In (balance) -20 ~ 0dbu/10kΩ
3.5Φ Phone Jack (unbalance) -20dbv/2kΩ
RCA (Unbalance) -20dbv/20kΩ
Line (balance) -20dbv/2kΩ
Mic (balance) 60dbv/2kΩ
S/N Line, Tel In betther than 70db
S/N RCA, 3.5Φ Phone JacK better than 70db
S/N Mic better than 50db
Output Power (1kHz, Thd. 1%) 100V(167Ω)
Output Power (1kHz, Thd. 1%) 70V(82Ω)
Output Power (1kHz, Thd. 1%) 15.5V(4Ω)
Operating Power Ac 120V,240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Dimensions 420(W) x 88(H) x 318.7(D)mm
Weight (Net) 5.27kg
Weight (Gross) 6.75kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member