NC951 - Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
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NC951 - Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
NC951 - Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
NC951 - Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
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C-TEC - NC951

Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit

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Product Description

The NC951 is the UK's market-leading Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm kit. It includes everything required for a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance alarm.

It is attractively designed, easy to install and simple to use. It allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, you pull the cord of a ceiling pull to activate a light and sounder outside the WC and on the system's Call Controller.

The new ‘Call Accept’ functionality allows staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal inside the WC to confirm help is on the way.

The kit includes an NC943B 12V 140mA Call Controller c/w standby battery and relay, NC807C Ceiling Pull, NC806CS Overdoor Light c/w Sounder, NC809DBBT Accessible Toilet Reset Point c/w Sounder and NC949 Accessible WC Sticker.

It can be wired in 4 core stranded security cable and can also be used as a single zone emergency assistance alarm in changing rooms, solariums, interview rooms, reception areas and more.
Description NC951
Mains supply 230V 50/60Hz (23mA max. current). 50Hz frequency
Internal power supply 12V d.c.
Total output current limited to 140mA
Quiescent current See individual device listings for NC943B, NC807C, NC806CS and NC809DBBT.
Max battery size and type NC943B includes an onboard 500mA rechargeable standby battery that will power the system for up to 24 hours standby and 15 minutes alarm running time.
Alarm current 40mA (all NC951 devices, this includes 18mA Zone current)
Auxiliary relays NC943B has one set of volt free relay contacts (NO/C/NC). Relay activates when a call is received by the controller. Rated at 30V d.c. @ 1A.
Indicators NC807C & NC809DBBT have red Reassurance LEDs; NC806CS has twin red Alarm LEDs. NC943B has a red Alarm and green Supply Present LED
Controls NC943B has a link-selectable Call Accept/Reset button; NC807C has a pull cord with two bangles to generate a call; NC809DBBT has a Reset button
Expansion connnections For applications requiring more than one point of call (e.g. at the WC and the wash basin), up to 3 ceiling pulls can be daisychained together
Call acknowledgement functionality Yes
Onboard sounder Yes (on NC809DBBT, NC806CS and NC943B).
Onboard Infrared Receiver No
Product Dimensions 147 W x 87 H x 93 D (NC943B); 87 W x 87 H x 68 D (NC806CS); 87 W x 87 H x 24 D (NC809DBBT). Ceiling pull measures 93mm diameter x 27 D
Packing Dimensions 285 W x 201 H x 55 D mm (size of NC951 kit box containing all items)
Construction & finish Plastic
IP Rating IP41 (all wall mounting devices); IP21 (ceiling pull)
Operating Temperature -5ºC to +40ºC. Max. relative humidity 95% non-condensing
Weight (Gross) 0.60kg
  • UVDB Registered
  • PLASA Member
  • Member of BESA
  • BSI 9001
  • ISCE supporting member